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Sollte wer noch kryptographische Kontaktdaten aktualisieren wollen wäre heute Abend noch die Gelegenheit.

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Heute kam die Idee bei der auf, analog zu den Aktionen als IT- und Serveradmin etwas wirksames bei den Protesten für das Klima beizutragen. So ein könnte sehr wirkungsvoll sein, alleine schon wenn es angedroht wird. Sind z.B. Wikipedia und Co mit im Boot,... Bestimmt gibt es auch noch bessere Ideen für ein Hashtag.

there is a merch exchange over at ! yay!
for example I have a Hoodie M fitted and need a Hoodie L fitted.

I have arrived at ! I'm wearing jeans shorts, a black [matrix] shirt, glasses and I have longer hair with a side cut. I either run around somewhere or sit in the quiet hackspace under the monitors in front of the mint bar.

are there any christians attending ? please talk to me! ^-^

does anyone want to pass on some inline skating expertise at the ? I have questions!

ohai! I haven't been active in a while but now I'm back (at least for the duration of the )! HYPE feel free to message me, I want to meet you! <3

hey, maybe we can use this to show that or exist and are awesome!
In this vidoe, Markiplier talks about some technical issues he is having and how google fails to treat him as a "Youtube partner".

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alias ip="ip -color"

De rien. (version sans données sensibles, oups.)

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Oh man, looks like some news website did a really good job in spirit of #GDPR:
Isn't this website lovely?
No ads, no cookies, no tracking, no 3rd party JS, only very minimal 1st party JS that seems to do nothing, (and the site works OK without it).
And look at how fast it loads!

This... this is what the internet should look like I think.
#nojs #simpleweb

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I have a new device, two in total now:

Device Name: hot water
Device key: frIp wBd3 bkhO Lw0u G9G8 GhQ5 L/oz yP9l /IUi IZHQ 0n8

new matrix key for this is my only key now, I'm not using the keys in previous messages anymore.

Device key: ZXDU q+/d RnKR yH8e Xub3 vFUZ IZor Rhec s3cL Eptz tOc

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Repeat after me:

My experience is not everybody's experience.

My perspective is not everybody's perspective.

My "obvious" is not everybody's "obvious".

on my way to now, yay. beware the digital

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