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Remember semantic versioning:

My youngest brought Spock action figure to Kindergarten.

I am officially a nerd dad now.

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Uh. Getting better wifi coverage at your home or company site is fine, but it's not the kind of mesh I'm interested in. Also mesh as just another way to connect to a centralized system like Facebook isn't very interesting. The real potential of mesh systems isn't something which gets much attention.
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Modern browsers and websites are a fucking memory hogging disgrace!

Dear Emacs, now you run a server from where I can read my RSS feeds over the Internet using my Android phone.

This marriage just keep getting better, fifteen years now.

Much Love.

By the blue dusk of the gods,
living in a north country
is being reminded of mortality.

Yesterday I started a white noise generator and put it in my pocket. Then I walked around for a while wondering where the strange noise was coming from.

Haha, my DNS block list is preventing me from unregistering from unwanted ad newsletters... Funny, my system is still not perfect ...

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@celesteh It occurs to me that error and forgetfulness are essential human traits that would stand in opposition to a 'perfect' never-forgetting system. I don't know much about block chains, but it would appear as something more useful for pan-optic control systems than freedom.