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Yay! Ubuntu 19.04 is here: ubuntu.com/download 🥳💜! Thank you to the whole #ubuntu team for your hard work. Hopefully you find some time to party :). Keep on grooving 😎🎶. #art #illustration

This is a thing now 🌈 🦄 (for 🤖 🛰️ not btc)

Yissss, sunday Crème Brûlée experiments 😍 🍮 🍮 🍮 🍮

This Saturday

day at in

Open for all! ♥️

Just booked my train tickets; see you there! :awesome:

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Toot, toot!

Tusky has opened an Open Collective, where you can support the development, translations and support work!

We offer a $12/ year tier, which is the symbolic "if everyone who uses the app can pay $1/month".

As well as, a backer tier, and a sponsor tier!


#OpenCollective #sponsor #donate

First time printing & framing a 35mm film photo 🖼️ at a professional shop. Exciting! :awesome: Any experience or recommendations here ?

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 🐟     🐠  
   🐡    🐠 
   🌱🌿 🏰   

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Endlich hat frühes Aufstehen einen Sinn... Totale Mondfinsternis: Frühaufsteher sehen rot zeit.de/wissen/2019-01/totale-

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Morgen dann erst mal für den Mond früh aufstehen und hoffen, dass es nicht allzu neblig ist ... dlr.de/mondfinsternis 🌝

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RT @padeluun
Liste der #Kältebusse:

#Überall: 112
#Berlin: 0178/5235838
#München: 089/200045930
#Hamburg: 0151/65683368
#Frankfurt: 069/431414
#Köln: 0176/24071312
#Düsseldorf: 01578/3505152
#Dresden: 0351/8036581
#Stuttgart: 0711/21954776

Ergänzungen/Korrekturen bitte an: @padeluun

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#Tusky has reached 100.000 downloads on Google Play. Thank you all so much ♥️

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#Inkscape is proud to release versions 0.92.4 & 1.0 alpha of its free, professional vector graphics editor! Available now for Linux and Windows 32/64 here: inkscape.org/release/ #FLOSS #collaboration

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Want to use a link shortener on #Mastodon?

Don't! :blobsurprised: All links in Mastodon posts count for 23 characters, no matter how long they really are.

(via @jond )


Wowza, 🚒 🔥 at Alex in today. All good now, but looks like there's quite some water leaking from the U5 hall ceiling now. Platform 1 closed.

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Dear chaos.social inhabitants – please be reminded that we ask you not to create invites for this instance that are valid indefinitely / for infinite people! We're looking for slow, organic growth, not a sudden onslaught as we've experienced in the past.

So feel free to invite friends and other people you want to see here – but please be responsible with this option.
Invites with indefinite availability are occasionally disabled by us, to prevent mindless use/abuse.

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Wer noch ein paar Taler für ein gutes Projekt über hat... Freunde von mir organisieren das #Schikkimikki in #Berlin. Die Zinebibliothek ist ein offener, Kollektiv- und non-profit-Ort. Show more

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Würde 2019 gerne einen Hackerspace in Berlin für mich finden. Wo seid ihr so unterwegs (wenn aus Berlin)?

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