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#EuroBSDCon 2020 has been cancelled :flan_despair:. It was planned to be held in Vienna, but there are no surprises as to why it won't go ahead. Hopefully it's back next year.

IT: Let’s buy this hell expensive software because we can have an awesome contract and get support! 1 year later ... ohh the company is out of business ... we can not update this software or move it to another machine!

What tool(s) are you using to manage your lists? Any recommendations, without subscription model (hopefully), sync between multiple devices (iPhone, BSD, Linux, ...), GTD? Sharing between others would be nice to have.

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If you have an outdated #salt stack installation exposed to the Internet, you might have some fun cleaning that up.

Seems there is a worm going around:

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Wow, das kannte ich noch nicht und musste erstmal danach suchen. Eine mögliche Quelle habe ich hier gefunden:

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Happy May day everyone! I'm super happy to announce 1.1.0 which finally introduces layer-shell for everyone as well as other cool stuff. 😸 🎉

Here are a couple of highlights:
* layer-shell support
* begin/end action
* fixes alacritty issues
* symmetric resize operations
* dynamic layout scaling

Junior SysAdmin in who is looking for a in my timeline? One of my clients is looking for an permanent candidate who help the small IT department in an mid sized software company to manage mostly web, database systems. Feel free to poke me via direct message for more details.

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Job Opening:
We're looking for an Executive Assistant to provide high-level admin support to our ED. This position is full-time and remote. Someone in the Eastern Time Zone is strongly preferred. #hiring

If you can not install an BSD or illumos (for an Desktop) which Linux distribution would you choose and why?

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@tinytoydragon @lyskar
1998: IRC? lol anon, why don't you use ICQ instead, it's much better.
2002: IRC? lol anon, just install MSN, stop being such a nerd.
2006: IRC? lol anon, with Skype you can make phone calls for free.
2010: IRC? lol anon, Chat is all you need, everybody is there already.
2014: IRC? lol anon, you should try WhatsApp, you can even send voice messages.
2018: IRC? lol anon, that's prehistoric! you should checkout Discord and Slack, so much better.

It looks like there is more interest that I thought. So some more details: I’ve upgraded the memory to 16GB because the controller supports it. I put an 250GB regular SATA and an 120GB mSATA ssd in it.

It’s the one with the card reader and with an i5 2.3 GHz CPU. At the moment it’s prepared with an ISO-DE backlight Keyboard but I’ve also one ANSI left.

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Do you do interesting things with BSD systems? Do you want to come to Vienna in September and meet other BSDers and talk about your projects? Submit your proposal for EuroBSDCon 2020 at before May 24th! #openbsd #freebsd #netbsd

Someone looking for an FullHD, 2x SSDs, 16 GB RAM? I‘ve one for sale. And it works well with or

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#openbsd #tmux #lazyweb

Does anyone know if there is an easy way to save tmux session state across reboots on OpenBSD?

I don't want to install/use bash!

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Es gibt echt keine MacBooks 12“ oder MacBook Air 11“ mehr?!?!

Na wer hat noch ein produktives OS/2 im Einsatz?

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