🎁 Ich verschenke „Wenn Riesen reisen“. Das ist mein neues Buch, und es sucht ein neues Zuhause. Aus allen Retweets wähle ich am Ende des Tages einen aus. Und schon geht das Buch auf die Reise. Von mir aus auch gern mit Widmung. 💫

🐇 Illuna is welcoming you to this year’s Easter Event!
We bring you exclusive and fun items, so don't miss your chance or you gotta wait one year to get them. 😉

Find out more:
➡️ community.illuna-minetest.tk/t

Have fun!

#illuna #minetestserver #gaming #gameing #opensource not #minecraft :minecraft: #minecraftserver

Du wirst nicht glauben, was dieser Schwan tut! ++UNCUT++ Doch schau selbst, was dann geschieht.

youtu.be/4KD_PUkz03Y by @dot_dee

Es ist ein FOSS Cyauberer mit VLC Hut, Diaspora Magie, Mumble Headset und Linux Shirt, namens Gajim geworden \o/

#minetest #smallhouse builders - it'd be fun to see what you can do at Acacia Valley. Reach it at the WeavingOfSmoke/Smokestack travelnet on the #illuna techeth server.


🎺 Players of Illuna, so much happened in the past two months,
it's time for a new summary!

Things are getting super crazy: space was invaded by space-goblins and senderman ... and we have seen explosive pigs... flying around in the high mountains! 😱 :wat:

Whoa, quick! Read the full story!
➡️ illuna.rocks/goblininvasion

#illuna #minetest :minetest: #minetestserver #gaming #gameing #opensource not #minecraft :minecraft: #minecraftserver

ActivityPub - Final thoughts, one year later. - schub.io/blog/2019/01/13/activ

Another long text, but don’t worry: it is likely my last article on #ActivityPub and #ActivityStreams in its current form. At this point, I don’t see the chance of productive progress in my area, so I decided to write this little piece as a reference post that I can link to when people ask questions.

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