🥚 Behold: an exiting, all new, Easter Event awaits you on our TechEth #Minetestserver!

This event introduces a new, exclusive sword, glowing, to support you while fighting in the dark! (and more)
As always, you find the event area right next to our Travelcenter. Good luck and much fun, finding all the eggs! 🍀
illuna-minetest.tk #illuna #minetest :minetest: #minetestserver not #minecraft

❄️ With this month, our 2021 Winter Event is slowly coming to an end.
Be quick, don't miss out and win cool exclusive stuff while you still can!

The Winter Event takes place at our TechEth-Server:
IP: illuna.rocks
Port: 30002
Enjoy 🚀

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Discovering new grounds can be worth it - on both of our servers: the mod moreores has been updated from upstream and further been patched.
One notable change is that one of our most valuable ores, mithril, does now come in clusters and blocks are resistant to TNT.
Read more: git.tchncs.de/Illuna-Minetest/

illuna-minetest.tk #illuna #minetest :minetest: #minetestserver not #minecraft

The Illuna Minetestservers received many mod updates over the past weeks and our dependency-bot already suggests many more. Much is going on in the Minetest universe, join today and find out what's new. 😉

Also look who's got a new friend! (picture)

illuna-minetest.tk #illuna #minetest :minetest: #minetestserver not #minecraft

🎅 ❄️ The Illuna Winter Event 2021

...is waiting for you! Challenge yourself in our unique parcours and mazes – and win cool stuff! The event items you can get, also are unique and ONLY available to get during/at the Illuna Winter event.

Take your time: the event will be around until January 30.

The Winter Event takes place at our TechEth-Server:
IP: illuna.rocks
Port: 30002
Enjoy 🚀

illuna-minetest.tk #illuna #minetest :minetest: #minetestserver not #minecraft

Illuna AestiVal – Valley of Summer, is our friendly and easy #Minetest :minetest: experience for players who are just getting started with Minetest or prefer a less complex, yet rich experience.
Right next to the spawnpoint, you find our Tutorial Cave – getting you started with many interesting and helpful details and hints about Minetest and our special modifications to the game.

Get learning, at ip: illuna.rocks & port: 30.000

#illuna #minetestserver

Today is a great day to play some #minetest :minetest:.

Below you see the Jungle temple by i_love_mesecon. Check out their thread about it in our forums: community.illuna-minetest.tk/t
It is under construction on #TechEth, our server for advanced players. Learn more about our servers: illuna-minetest.tk/#servers

It's been two weeks now, since the #tchncs :tchncs: #Veloren :veloren: server was deployed. Many players already play on a regular basis and it's great to follow the super active development of the game, while it's being rocksolid.

Join us today on Veloren Saturday, have a seat on the walls of a random castle like on the picture below (wiki.veloren.net/wiki/Explorat) – or roll through some dungeons with your friends!

➡️ tchncs.de/veloren

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Many chests with awesome loot are hidden across the Illuna Kingdom. Can you find them? Be quick!

The event takes places on TechEth: illuna.rocks:30002

#illuna #illunaminetest #minetest #minetestserver #minetestevent not #minecraft

Minetest meets Chaos!
The @minetest4kids x Illuna workshop on the #rC3 has started.

Join the server:
IP: illuna.rocks
Port: 1833

Join us on Mumble: talk.datenkollektiv.net:64738 (we are from germany, but english is allowed)

Join us on Twitch:

minetest4kids article: minetest4kids.net/2020/12/29/m

learn about this server in our wiki: wiki.illuna-minetest.tk/Illuna

Have a great christmas season everybody, thank you for playing on Illuna and for making it such a wonderful place!

By the way, there is something upcoming: Illuna & @minetest4kids on the #rC3 (dedicated announcement follows soon)!

#minetest #minetestserver #gaming not #minecraft

Das Illuna Winter-Event
Ein Gastbeitrag der Macher von Illuna

Unsere Freunde vom Minetestserver “Illuna”, laden dich ganz herzlich zum jährlichen Winter-Event ein: Es gibt spannende Herausforderungen und einen ganz besonderen Event-Preis: eine magische Schneeflocke, mit der du deine Gegner einfrieren kannst!

Alles was du dafür brauchst
#Alternativprojekte #Illuna #Winter
Hier den ganzen Artikel lesen:

🎅 Illuna is known for its special seasonal events, where players can win exclusive*, useful premium items. For that they need to visit our event-area near the travelcenter and withstand challanges like beautiful mazes and parkours.

Our #winter2020-event has started. Multiple amazing people have designed a lovely event-area for this winter and crafted a very special event-item, waiting for you - right now! ❄️

Take your chance today:
IP: illuna.rocks
PORT: 30002

*only on events, only on Illuna

@nac Unser Event steht und läuft. Bist herzlich willkommen.

@hyperjinx In Bezug auf die heutige Maus: Wie witzig! Erst vorgestern hab ich jemandem das Zählen bis 1023 mit beiden Händen beigebracht.

132 ;)

Behold, our masterbuilder and moderator Elvas just finished overhauling our beautiful Spawnpoint and made it even fancier. ✨

Explore it today at illuna-minetest.tk
#minetest #minetestserver #gaming #opensource #illuna not #minecraft

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