Many chests with awesome loot are hidden across the Illuna Kingdom. Can you find them? Be quick!

The event takes places on TechEth: illuna.rocks:30002

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Minetest meets Chaos!
The @minetest4kids x Illuna workshop on the #rC3 has started.

Join the server:
IP: illuna.rocks
Port: 1833

Join us on Mumble: talk.datenkollektiv.net:64738 (we are from germany, but english is allowed)

Join us on Twitch:

minetest4kids article: minetest4kids.net/2020/12/29/m

learn about this server in our wiki: wiki.illuna-minetest.tk/Illuna

Have a great christmas season everybody, thank you for playing on Illuna and for making it such a wonderful place!

By the way, there is something upcoming: Illuna & @minetest4kids on the #rC3 (dedicated announcement follows soon)!

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Das Illuna Winter-Event
Ein Gastbeitrag der Macher von Illuna

Unsere Freunde vom Minetestserver “Illuna”, laden dich ganz herzlich zum jährlichen Winter-Event ein: Es gibt spannende Herausforderungen und einen ganz besonderen Event-Preis: eine magische Schneeflocke, mit der du deine Gegner einfrieren kannst!

Alles was du dafür brauchst
#Alternativprojekte #Illuna #Winter
Hier den ganzen Artikel lesen:

🎅 Illuna is known for its special seasonal events, where players can win exclusive*, useful premium items. For that they need to visit our event-area near the travelcenter and withstand challanges like beautiful mazes and parkours.

Our #winter2020-event has started. Multiple amazing people have designed a lovely event-area for this winter and crafted a very special event-item, waiting for you - right now! ❄️

Take your chance today:
IP: illuna.rocks
PORT: 30002

*only on events, only on Illuna

@nac Unser Event steht und läuft. Bist herzlich willkommen.

@hyperjinx In Bezug auf die heutige Maus: Wie witzig! Erst vorgestern hab ich jemandem das Zählen bis 1023 mit beiden Händen beigebracht.

132 ;)

Behold, our masterbuilder and moderator Elvas just finished overhauling our beautiful Spawnpoint and made it even fancier. ✨

Explore it today at illuna-minetest.tk
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🎃 The big spider tells you not to miss out on this years Halloween Event!
Two great items this year you can win, including the legendary Scythe of Agni! 🚀
Join today at illuna-minetest.tk
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genau so hat das in chernobyl auch angefangen. Der Admin wollt n Zwickel saufen.

:minetest: 🐰
You are missing out!
Our Easter Event is (still) open!
Win amazing bunny boots and a tweaked hang glider by solving our challenging maze and parcours! 🚀

Join today at illuna.rocks : 30002


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(music by josh woodward, cc by 4.0 creativecommons.org/licenses/b)

We’re coming home! It’s been 13 years since we’ve released »8-bit Lagerfeuer«. On March 27th »Brave New World« will be released on (nearly) all major streaming platforms. Save the date! In the meantime: Enjoy the album’s opening track. youtu.be/Gypn-9KsPBk

An Tagen wie diesen möchte ich meine Gedanken verarbeiten und dann fällt mir ein, dies hatte ich bereits vor 5 Jahren mit dem Bild getan


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