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We're still wondering how they figured out that we live together, and how they got his number...

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Life Pro Tip: Don't oversleep your Zivilschutz

The police just called my roommate asking for my whereabouts

Case design pretty much done :D I ordered most of the parts!

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I've just worked the fields of sort-of-a-commune all morning, and it was great!

People are always like "oh, but you realise that in your socialist utopia, you will probably end up as a peasant tending the fields", but you'll see me plant a lot of potatoes before you ever get me to do something like debugging a minified jquery plugin for some megacorp ever again.

I don't think there's a single human who doesn't like apricots.

Have you ever met anyone who doesn't like apricots?

I really appreciate living in a household where there is always fresh bread.
I can just walk into the kitchen whenever and make myself a nice slice with jam. It's great.

@bleeptrack Don’t turn until the Empire falls.

Since 3 days a bird flies short attacks against the windows of the house i live in. He probably recognizes a competitor in the reflection. Can not understand that it is himself. But at least he has learned not to slam into the window at full speed.

First I thought when it is quiet again that he has given up. No, he has discovered other rivals in other windows.

Don't turn until the Empire falls.

Medieval librarians often added curses to their books upon those who did not return or damaged borrowed books, or stole them from their libraries. These curses usually invoked God, suggesting that these punishments would be made effective with divine authority.

Zooming into the 90° pattern shows that it's made of this tiled cross structure, often re-drawn many times over the same spot.

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