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Neuer Kopfkanon zum Schriftdeutschen: ß steht für "gelispeltes S"

I almost arrived somewhere on time for once, but then the bus exploded.

i think the wikipedia hitler game is best played in reverse, just every single time you go to wikipedia, open it on adolf hitler and try to navigate to the page you actually want

*points to bed* And this is where I store my body while I'm not using it

@draemmli how about the "extremely fungible token",. I'll send you as many pictures of it as you want for 5 dollars a peice.

Business idea: Funghible Tokens™ - I say fuck all this and start a mushroom farm in the French countryside

Business idea: NFTs but instead of a blockchain I'll physically mail you a receipt crudely written with crayon

A mayor part of like four different hobbies of mine is losing tiny screws and looking for them for two hours apiece

Posts upvoted in /r/science are like "Study proves that the people you politically disagree with are objectively stupid (n=4)" and "Cannabis once again confirmed to cure all known diseases with no drawbacks"

Ich habe gerade ein Amt wegen Ratenzahlung einer Rechnung kontaktiert, und ich bekam innert *ZWEI MINUTEN* ein Mail zurück, dass sie mir die entsprechenden Ratenrechnungen schicken würden :O

Can I tell to keep moving (probably re-trace the last layer or something) while retracting at the end of a print to avoid this kind of artifact?

(I've already enabled Ironing)

Now I managed to rent it on Google Play.

Before payment, it warned me that Audio isn't available in German for this film.

The settings only have an option for English audio.


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Or does anyone have an idea?

I'd like to throw money at a service to consume product

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Every other rental platform seems to be a walled garden where I don't have entry.

And then folks are like "piracy is killing the film industry"

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