@draemmli Beautiful, did you salvage it? Do you always have it on display?


@epilys Yes, I got to pick it up for free at the railway's recycling center :)

It's standing in our living room.

@draemmli I love it, it's like having a flip alarm clock only bigger :D

@epilys I know, right! :D
I actually made myself a clock using two of the time modules.

And, of course, I do have a vintage flip alarm :)

@draemmli Beautiful! Do you have any resources on flip mechanisms? I'd love to get one and "hack" it eventually

@epilys The newer type of Omega split-flap modules (on the outside, they look the same as mine, but they have a completely different controller) are easily hackable. They listen to RS-485, and there's a repo for software to control them:

We have a bunch of them at our hackerspace, and I wrote a web interface where one can just type stuff for them to display.

@epilys I'm not sure where you would acquire them, though - SBB (the railway from which I have mine) have stopped giving split-flap material away due to the pandemic.

However, Omega sold those systems to other railways and to places like airports, so you might find them elsewhere.

@draemmli @epilys This is awesome! So is the next step of the plan to pick up a SBB train from the recycling center to add to the living room? 🤔 Or do they already stop by your living room upon hearing the sign flip? 😂 Either way would result in a unique case for the Mieterverband I'm sure. 🤣

@cj @epilys Haha, half my room already consists of railway paraphernalia. Even my trash can is one of those removable metal SBB ones, and above my bed, there is a baggage tray from a train coach.

I actually have a half-baked plan of buying an old coach and turning it into my home some day...

@draemmli @epilys wow ... just wow! Wo habt ihr die her? Ich probiere schon ne Zeit lang aus gemusterte alte Anzeigen zu bekommen

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