My girlfriend's Fairphone 3+ got wet in rain-drenched clothes. She then tried to make some calls, but first couldn't hear the other person, and later people also couldn't hear her. Then, the phone died.

We then disassembled the phone completely and laid the parts out to dry for a day.

I noticed some white corrosion on the connector for the top module, and after cleaning it with alcohol, it's visible that one of the pins is darkened.


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When attempting to boot the phone, it gets to the part with the four swirling dots, freezes briefly, and reboots.

We installed the top module from my FP3+, with the same result.

Is there any chance of fixing, or further diagnosing this?

Boosts very welcome :) :boost_ok:

Take your working phone. Swap in one component from the broken phone, test if it works. Remove the part from the broken phone and put back the known good part from your phone. Repeat for all components from the broken phone until you have found all the broken parts.

That way you can test each component in isolation.

@vimja My fear is that the broken component is the main PCB :(

But you're right - gonna do that now.

@vimja @Fairphone So yeah, I've swapped all the removable modules (top, bottom, camera, speaker, screen) between the two phones, and mine still works, and the other one still shows the same issue.

Annoyingly, I can't fully take the phone apart with the supplied screwdriver, so I can't check all the components and connections...

@draemmli Patience is best: if it was rain and the phone is lying at a warm and dry place disassembled and without battery, there's a good chance that it will work again. However, the drying process can take longer than 48 hours.

@draemmli Can you still access the bootloader (pressing volume down and holding the power button until it vibrates)?

@glow oh, yup!
Selecting Recovery shows a dead android with the message "No command".

@draemmli It's weird that you don't get any Version numbers here. You do see them on the working phone, right (it's not just because I unlocked mine?

@glow no serials on mine, either!
and trying recovery boot also does the "no command" thing.

Can I use this for diagnostics?

@draemmli Also I think the "no command" recovery boot is normal because you do not have a recovery installed by default. This is usually the first thing you flash when you're trying to install a custom rom.
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