Some conference organizer advice for upcoming conferences. Use inexpensive, and accurate indications of infectiousness, rapid COVID tests at badge pickup.

Not a lot of hassle, and this simple procedure worked well for us at CanSecWest to avoid super spreader issues.

After seeing first hand examples of what happens without precautions, with whole teams sidelined as a result, I'm fully convinced this should be conference SOP these days, and attendees should demand this from organizers, IMHO.

quick and dirty mitigation for cve-2022-3019
reg export HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\ms-msdt ms-msdt.reg
reg delete HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\ms-msdt /f

Tomorrow, everyone's grandparents outlook express is no longer going to work with google, and same with scan to email printers and things like that which have been setup over the years.

So quite interestingly we decided that the easiest way for me to stream any CanSecWest PWN2OWN Tesla automotive hack attempts was for me to bring a Starlink Dishy running off batteries in the hotel courtyard.

Very fitting in a way. Welcome to the future.

What does this unpatched vagueware 0day release about ulibc and ulibc-bg DNS poisoning from predictable sequence numbers really affect?

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@Garick @dragosr Welcome at Mastodon.

Commonly people write an introduction with the hashtag. That can be shared by the friends you have which gets other people you know into contact....

Like in old times.

So far I've tried three mastodon clients and here is my preference:

1) Mast, the commercial client, it's nice, seems to expose all the functionality

2) web client in browser, pretty useable, basically like the Twitter client I've always wanted without the silly arbitrary post size limits.

3) Mastodon iOS app, simple easy to use but doesn't seem to expose all the functionality like the web client.

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@atomicpoet Is there a way to send someone information on Mastodon without exposing it to the public and to your followers? Yes. Is it equivalent to a DM function? No, not quite. Making sure the function is understood as distinct is important to manage people's expectations.

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@atomicpoet How DMs work on Twitter:

You create a chat. Messages in the chat appear only in the chat -- not on your profile or home feed. You can add recipients, and they gain access to previously sent messages. There is no threading, it's a flat structure.

How "DMs" work on Mastodon:

It's a post that's only visible to people mentioned in it. It behaves like a post in every other way, appearing on home and profiles. It threads with other posts. There is no way to make someone see past posts. – a Fediverse instance for & by the Chaos community