my main problem always was how to transmit heat from soldering iron to something that's not solder - knowing how it should look in the end is the most trivial part of it

@zwangseinweisung flux reduces surface tension, so you can heat the solder better

it doesn't increase the contact from soldering iron to non-solder-surfaces.

(also it's really hard to even find solder wire that doesn't already come with flux inside)

@drazraeltod You're right, but I like to think that it works better when I add flux.

flux is great! It removes oxides and allows the solder to wet the surface.
@zwangseinweisung @drazraeltod @leyrer

@drazraeltod @leyrer I usually have a bit of solder on the tip of the iron. When making contact with the surfaces, the liquid solder creates a good thermal bridge and heat flows well. I'd also not worry to much about the preheating step. Just add the solder relatively fast and keep the iron until you see the shape of the solder change to that concave desired one. It's usually pretty apparent when that happens after around 3-5 seconds.

@drazraeltod @leyrer also, if you put your solder wire not on the iron but next to it on the pad, it will automatically start melting only once the pad is sufficiently hot.

@ponygol that's what I do too - I still suck at soldering, but I kinda got the basics after building half a dozen quadcopters now

use a god fitting tip for your iron. Bigger ist often times better.
@leyrer example shows a tip which is way to small.

@gom @leyrer yeah well.. most of the time I have really tiny contact points to solder - these quadcopter FCs and ESCs get smaller all the time :-/

@drazraeltod @leyrer Wenn der Kram zu klein wird und kaum mehr erreichbar, dann Lötpaste + Heißluft

@gom das habe ich bisher noch nicht getan (und hätte auch noch nicht passende Ausrüstung da), aber das ist eigentlich eine ziemlich interessante idee

evtl. bei einem zukünftigen Projekt — sollte ich irgendwann wieder Zeit für sowas haben

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