Hobby photographers and FOSS enthusiasts, please get together and work on some nice CC0 photos for platforms like unsplash. Why? Because it can make a real difference for press, blogs and more. Help to show the beautiful side of free software and free software desktops to the world 😉

There are way too many pictures for proprietary apps and devices around.


#showTheDesktop #freeTheDesktop #letsBecomeMainstream


Please correct me if I'm wrong but AFAIK Unsplash doesn't allow CC0 on their website. They only allow Unsplash licensed photos which are a variant of CC (I forget which one) but you can't use them in a Unsplash competitor website.

@lionirdeadman yes, unsplash has an unfree license


@sheogorath any other platform recommendations?

i haven't published photos in a while and don't know where journalists and artists would find open content. i used , but it was sold and became trash

maybe @pixelfed?

i want to have a big catalog, search, also based on tags and filter for CC license. also social features like follow, like and comments

basically flickr, but open source and community maintained


Pixelfed comes with most needed licenses and does many things right

But it's still missing many features and has tons of bugs still (like there's no usable search and comments don't result in notifications)

It's still the thing I'd use - but really not ready yet.
@lionirdeadman @sheogorath @pixelfed

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