shadowrun headcanon: theres definitely an in-universe air crash investigation/mayday episode about this

I often think about how air traffic control would deal with dragons, just, in general. It's not like you can threaten to ban a several ton magical being from the skies unless they carry a transponder and radio and file a flight plan (even if you could maybe ask nicely).

And I think the only real answer is "if you see a dragon, you get out of its way".

Similar question: broom traffic. Do witches just fly low in unrestricted airspace? Are there transponders and radios for brooms? Do air traffic controllers hire witches to deal with things only equipped with communication spells, or just keep planes away from common broom routes?

Things like the yearly gathering at Blåkulla were mostly accident free for hundreds of years, and the last thing you need now is a bunch of upset witches because someone's grandma got ran over by a Cessna.


I'd imagine Witches would stay way below comercial flight routes (no idea about dragons though)

Apart from near some airports, you should pose no real problem if you stay below some hundreds of meters

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