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Beloved Chaos! I am not new in the Fediverse but new on your instance, so I think is time for an

I <3 Free Software and growing @opensourcegardens. I moved instances because I I feel highly affiliated with the Chaos Community and wanted to share the local timeline with you. At congresses you find me in about:freedom.

Always interested in everything about digital sustainability, cycling, travelling, and of course chaos ^^

$ stress --cpu 1 --timeout 60s

Command 'stress' not found, but can be installed with:

sudo apt install stress

wait ... why exactly should I do that? 😅

Just coming back from my keynote today about saving hardware with at the HTW Berlin. It was a pleasure to see so many interested students - despite the sunny weather. Thank you for the invitation!

In November 2021 the FSFE has launched the new campaign "Upcycling Android". If you haven't already upcycled your phone or you are curious to learn more about the campaign listen to our new #SoftwareFreedom #Podcast episode with the campaigns manager @dreirik which my @fsfe colleague Bonnie was doing with him. #nt

" is a gathering for anyone interested in creating anything with others!

and community tech, Energy reduction and renewables, sharing resources, temporary nomadic community, dancing, alternative economy, creating a just future, hackathons, dumpster diving, hardware, software and production, means of care and solidarity, community"

Happening 26-31 August 2022 in Vester Skerninge, Denmark

SFP15:In our latest Podcast episode Bonnie Mehring and Erik Albers talk about #UpcyclingAndroid, our workshops and the connection between sustainability and software freedom. If you haven't attended one of our workshops you learn about the initiative here:

I did my first podcast recording ever with my fabulous colleague Bonnie about , of software and the right to install any software on any device. Thank you for inviting me and hope you enjoy it.

Hallo , eine Freundin hat zwei Karten für Anna heute Abend im Admiralspalast und kann nicht hingehen, möchte aber andererseits die Karten nicht verfallen lassen. Deshalb gegen (wirklich) kleinen Obulus abzugeben... ? Mag hier ein Mensch die Karten haben?

"It's only by giving users total control of their equipment, by giving them the means to be independent from the commercial choices of manufacturers and publishers of proprietary software, with , that we will be able to meet the challenges of sobriety and ."

@aprilorg on the open letter about The Universal Right to Install Any Software on Any Device

Beloved chaos,

We create "Open Source Gardens" and introduce people to (philosophy, seeds, software & hardware) in a horticultural way. We share knowledge about gardening and want to grow together into a strong community. In the garden and online.

So far we have been growing our seeds on a lovely instance called and also had the pleasure to plant gardens at .

Now we very much look forward to further grow within your lovely chaos <3

EU schafft Lade-Standard für Handys, Tablets und Laptops

Vor mehr als einem Jahrzehnt kündigte die EU erstmals einheitliches Standards für das Laden von Handys an. Nun schreibt die Union gesetzlich vor, wogegen sich bislang vor allem Apple wehrt.

23.6., 19 Uhr, im Nirgendwo, Berlin, wer kommt mit?

"Was und Freies gemeinsam haben"

Dieser Vortrag widmet sich den neuesten kulturellen Phänomen von Freier-Software und Freiem-Saatgut und beleuchtet Gemeinsamkeiten zwischen den beiden Sphären.


Your next phone?
+ googlefree
+ repairable
+ reused
Privatsphäre-freundlich & nachhaltig


See for example the "Agriculture Right to Repair Act" introduced by Senator Jon Testere (Montana)

In particular interesting:
"Ensure that when a manufacturer no longer produces documentation, parts, software, or tools for its equipment that the relevant copyrights and patents are placed in the public domain."

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Congratulations: "New York state passes first electronics right-to-repair bill"

But ... Since to my knowledge the movement in the US has its roots among farmers and their access to their equipment, it makes me wonder why the NY bill now explicitly excludes "agricultural equipment" (among other sectors)... ?

Just signed: @conservancy @aprilorg @fdroidorg support users' right to install any software on any device, and so do ⭐74⭐ other organisations who signed our open letter. Still counting! Both tech & the environment benefit from advanced digital rights.

Nicht verpassen: Diesen Freitag, 3. Juni, findet in Köln der nächste Workshop statt, gehostet von @floriansnow und @kirschner

"Bei den Workshops geht es darum, Tech-Enthusiasten und Nachhaltigkeits-Enthusiasten zusammenzubringen und sich beim des über Technik und auszutauschen."

Als Besonderheit sind diesmal auch Entwicklerinnen und Entwickler von dabei und laden zum mitmachen ein.

Thanks to the awesome @milan , all our #solarisecon videos are available at (the last one might be still transcoding, give it a few minutes).

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