Anyone know a good and inexpensive source for a shelf similar to the one in this picture? It's the only practical and somewhat aesthetic solution I found while searching for an eurobox based shelf system. Sadly it's just an image search result without any context (product name, manufacturer, ???).

I know it would be possible to build something similar quite easily, but I'm trying to avoid new projects and just clean up and sort some stuff.

Thanks for all the help and boosts!

Looks like I'll be building something myself, will post some pictures once it's done. Similar to this, but probably, just with wooden bars instead of drawer rails:

Right now I've got just a stack of boxes. Not great for accessing stuff in the lower boxes, but having cleaned up all that stuff that was just spread out around the whole apartment felt really good!

@dwagenk some of the posts with that image are tagged 'Ralph Schulz' but can't find any more info with that, seems it might be more an art project than an actual offering.
There's also which is somewhat similar

@dwagenk yeah.. it shouldn't be that hard to diy something similar based around eurocrates I think, especially if you use wood instead of metal

@clerie @dwagenk There are no 60x40 cm (Eurobox size) parts for IVAR or even anything close to that.

@jomo @clerie I've got that one in a different room. euroboxes kind of fit in there (2 40x60 boxes next to each other) but stick out a bit.

I'd like something that only stocks out ~40cm into the room, doesn't use a lot more space than necessary for the boxes and looks okay-ish.

@dwagenk @clerie I got myself a cheap 60x120 rack. Just arrived and I still have to build it up, but I expect that I can put 3 euroboxes on each shelf (might have to pull out the middle one to acces the two others because the frame slightly covers the shelf).

@dwagenk @jomo @clerie

If you use Half-Euro-Boxes (30x40): two of those those fit perfectly into each 80x30 IVAR shelf.

@dwagenk this particular image is from Ralph Schulz. Seems to be an art installation (?) that's no longer on his website. See

@dwagenk I build one similar to that for mostly 30 x 20 from wood. It works quite well for me.

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