The small util I wrote some time ago for generating server name suggestions is now a published rust crate. So simply do `cargo install gen-server-name` and there you go. Currently we have name pools from darkwing duck, japanese islands, lotr, star wars, wheel of time and even shakespeare. :-)

Source code on @codeberg :

@dwardoric Are naming theme files pluggable or you can only add new themes by editing the source and recompiling?

@dmbaturin Currently they're compiled in but pluggable would be great. Didn't have the time for that yet.

@dwardoric I think I may want to do it and finally contribute to a Rust project. The question is which format to use, simple one-per-line like the built-in ones, or something more formal like TOML.

@dmbaturin I guess the one item per line is fine for that use case.

@dwardoric Also, as far as random text generation goes, I made
It can read grammars from BNF-like syntax files and support "weighted" rules to make a recursive case more likely for example.

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