Today my script for randomly picking a wallpaper was pretty apt. ;-)

work, java 

So, I made a thing in to automate that pesky task of giving server instances cool names. It will pick names from darkwing duck, lord of the rings, wheel of time and japanese island names.

Spent the last two days refactoring a hellishly impure 120.000 LoC code base which uses heay mocking in the tests.

Waiting for my flight home from the great . A big thank you and hugs for the organizers, the staff and everyone else who helped to deliver this awesome event.
Hopefully seeing you again next time. :-)

Great talk about painless development using with magic and science by at

Laura Bocchi gave an inspiring look into time sensitive protocols at

A cool dive into recursion schemes with here at

Great talk about static introspection by at
Enjoyed it very much.

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