At a party and discovered that I do not yet yearn for being surrounded by this amount of people/level of activity

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The source of the terror in my head can be traced to nation states. None in particular, all of them.

at this point my body and i don’t know how eggs work i was responsible

The Mandalorian is a bad show. OK distraction however

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Brain in overload mode, again, still, I don't even know. But the "good news" is that I'm keeping myself distracted by learning to port OpenWRT to a new device. It's confusing and slow and I feel like I'm going to brick this thing the moment I'm gonna try to flash anything but 🤷

Hi kids, please verify stuff a bit before spreading it. Thank you ☺️

CW: uspol, disinformation

NYC Gov information for COVID stuff lists Mutual Aid projects and that's kind of cool and simultaneously offensive as fuck

Someone I've tried to get to realise the inevitable is realising the inevitable. I'm glad, even though we're on difficult terms I guess

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Blatantly stole this birdsite, but it's just too good

Or should that be…

Tech boys… websites as fragile as their javascript-riddled egos.

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This realisation and subsequent action was a lot less fun than my campaign to have myself banned for calling out bigots and assholes

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So I just quit the membership at the hackerspace I contributed to since 2014

Turns out that when some individuals at the centre of an effort to keep things going are fundamentally distrustful, deeply pessimistic and harbour unwarranted paranoia about people that they've worked with closely over years, that's just too corrosive to go up against.

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