ActivityPub 0.1.0 has been released. You can work with all ActivityStreams 2.0 Types and more... in #PHP.

Feel free to submit issues and pull requests for enhancements/bugfixes.

#ActivityPub #ActivityStreams


@landrok I had the idea of using activitypub for podcasts to put the content into the fedivers. There's that small podcast dir with all the data ( and the point is to have the podcast as actor and the episodes as content.

I won't pretend to know enough about AP at that point, but would your implementation be a way to implement that along with my directory? (And yes, it's php)

@eazy I think it's good.
Some resources to help you:
- choosing an actor type:
- choosing a media content type:
If you need more properties that ActivityPub defines, I've recently pushed an example of how to extend ActivityStreams models.

Hope this helps!


@landrok So for now I have to learn, how all that works. The entities, taxonomies etc... Be back in a year ;-))

@landrok When trying the server example with webfinger... should that work out of the box with my mastodon account?

I get an error: "Property "featured" is not defined. Type="Person", Class="ActivityPhp\Type\Extended\Actor\Person""

@landrok I fear, that's totally ok and I do not understand enough for all that. But I try to learn that step by step by doing "something" :)

@eazy this exception seems to be normal. A property "featured" is extended the ActivityPub vocabulary, it's a part of the Mastodon dialect. An example on how to implement such a dialect is there

@landrok Thought so. Thanks. This will be fun to discover. Maybe There will be a new dialect this fall for my podcast directory 🙂

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