🇩🇪EU-Sicherheitskommissarin diffamiert Ende-zu-Ende- als inakzeptabler "Raum für Pädophile".
🇬🇧EU Security Commissioner calls end-to-end a "closed closet for paedophiles".

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@echo_pbreyer well, so we're all using that #paedophilie technology? You, me, everyone?

@echo_pbreyer Dann bezeichne ich EU-Sicherheitskommissarin als inakzeptable Verharmloserin von Pädophilie und anlassloser Massenüberwachung.

Btw. what Johansson might've wanted to say is a "closed closet for paederasts". But as she seems to be unable to use words in correct context we shouldn't expect her to understand the today's reality.

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