Today 8.45 a.m. live debate in on EU plan to search all of our private messages +++ EU Commissioner will defend, () will attack +++ Watch the stream: "Reporting of CSAM online is increasing exponentially."
- But this is due to more and more companies using . According to studies child sexual abuse is on the decline.

Show thread " are mandatory to prevent copyright violations. Children must be protected as well as copyright."

Show thread "Detecting CSAM in encrypted content is possible without breaking end-to-end encryption and without violating privacy."
- Somebody doesn't understand safe encryption or is lying to us.

Show thread (S&D): Encryption protects children online, for examply by preventing images shared privately from being exploited by paedophiles.

Show thread (): "Focus on protecting children instead of playing Whac-A-Mole with criminals online and invading privacy!"

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