🇩🇪 In Russland können Metadaten einfach gekauft und damit Personen ausspioniert werden. bellingcat.com/resources/2020/

👁️ Was, wenn Regierungen, Konzerne oder Stalker dich tracken?

Nur gelöschte Metadaten sind sichere Metadaten!


🇬🇧 In Russia metadata can easily be bought and used to spy on people. bellingcat.com/resources/2020/

👁️ What if governments, companies or stalkers were tracking you?

Only deleted metadata are safe metadata!


Also, using the #Bellingcat site as a reference hardly inspires any confidence. Surely the same info could have been quoted from a reputable source?

And more to the point, what about the #NRK article? Like it or not, that *is* our problem. Let us not get into that hypocritical #EU habit of lecturing everyone else while ignoring what happens in our own home.

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