🇩🇪 Warum sind die EU-Pläne der so gefährlich? Was könnte in Zukunft mit deinen privaten Urlaubsfotos passieren, wenn das Gesetz verabschiedet wird? Engagiere dich gegen und für dein ! patrick-breyer.de/?page_id=594


🇬🇧 Why are the EU's plans for so dangerous? What could happen to your private holiday photos in the future if the law is passed? Help us stop and defend the ! patrick-breyer.de/?page_id=594


How does this apply to #XMPP and #email as federated services?

Quite clearly, as a business user of both I will rather take the risk of being prosecuted under some daft legislation than exposing our comms to industrial espionage, a risk which is of considerable concern to some clients.

@0 They likely intend to oblige all operators including federated servers

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