🇩🇪 Wir sind keine wandelnden Barcodes! Unterschreibe jetzt die heute gestartete Europäische Bürgerinitiative für ein EU-weites Verbot biometrischer Massenüberwachung! reclaimyourface.eu/de


🇬🇧 We aren‘t walking barcodes! Sign the brand new European Citizens‘ Initiaive for banning biometric mass surveillance now! reclaimyourface.eu


Will do or at least try to and will share on blog too


spoiler: voice recognition is biometry. Who are you giving your voce to, when you do a phone call?


@echo_pbreyer Good initiative, but let's not forget the massive surveillance on the net that everyone seems to (conveniently) ignore and which is probably a lot more pernicious than biometric mass surveillance.

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