🇩🇪 Stoppt den !

Internetkonzerne wissen mehr über deine Persönlichkeit als deine Freunde und Familie. Und sie machen Geld damit.

Die wollen das ändern.


🇬🇧 Let’s ban now!

Internet services know more about you than your family and friends. And they make money with it.

are pushing for a change of this business model.

@echo_pbreyer Almost. Let's abolish capitalism. Up with trees down with capitalism!

@echo_pbreyer So you are pushing for alternative cyberspaces concepts and architectures, as crypto-anarchist situationists like me have been doing for a few years now.

You may not realize it yet, because I don't think you have studied such tjings yet, but it's the only garanteed way to solve all the issues at hand here.

Do you realize that all the cyber-imperiakists that be are going to wish your death ?

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