🇩🇪 Unglaublich: Microsoft entscheidet, welche Mails Europaabgeordnete im Posteingang zu lesen bekommen. Es nennt sich Outlook-Spamfilter und kann nicht deaktiviert werden.


🇬🇧 Incredible: Microsoft decides which e-mail Members of the European Parliament get to read in their inbox. It's called Outlook spam filter and cannot be disabled.

@echo_pbreyer i think what you mean is unbelievable rather than incredible...and i agree!

waaait, does the EU parliament use Microsoft as an e-mail provider?

I mean ... are they at least running their own Exchange server? Which might still be dangerous but ... my previous employer switched to online everything, and it's been pretty annoying ever since.

@Mr_Teatime They are running their own Exchange server but the spam filter seems to integrate external services.

Ahh, just got an update on my work laptop, and it makes me auto-accept some privacy policy to enable "connected experiences". Cannot be disabled without accepting first.
Outlook is a horrible thing anyway, particularly since it auto-sorts everything into important and "other", with no way to see everything in one list. And that's after spam filtering, so there are now 3 lists I need to go through to make sure I missed nothing.

@echo_pbreyer Welcome to the real world.

This is the situation for years for people running their own email servers. E-Mails are randomly blocked by Microsoft with no given reason and unblocking never works.

This is central control and power abuse in it's purest form!

@_xhr_ @echo_pbreyer
MS is a pain in the rear for every mailprovider. Small mailservers still mostly get through but as soon as you reach a certain thrashold (mails/d) which they dont tell you excact numbers on, they just block you out if they dont consider you a well-known provider. Even if you send mails from hostnames, that live in the domain stated in your RIPE-DB record (which is usually what always gets you delistet instantly)

@nvi @echo_pbreyer Exactly this! In my case, I operate a small server which is 100% policy complaint to prevent spam or mass mailings.

Their "self-service unblocking" website only works in Internet Explorer, neither Firefox nor Chrome work. And even in IE I always get a random error message even if I follow all steps correctly. So there is now way to get unblocked.

For me, it means that I cannot send emails to my daughters school since they use Office 365 for emails.

it's always nice when you can blame a faceless corporate entity. almost like that's part of the plan :)
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