🇩🇪 Bürgermails zu und erreichen Europaabgeordnete erst gar nicht, Ursache: Der vom Europäischen Parlament verwendete Microsoft-Spamfilter, den wir nicht einmal abschalten können.


🇬🇧Citizens' emails on and never even make it to the inbox of MEPs due to the Microsoft spam filter system used by the European Parliament, which MEPs cannot even disable.

@echo_pbreyer Oh nice. Glad to see my email provider goes straight to spam :|

@echo_pbreyer oh I *wonder* if big tech lobbyists' e-mails were treated the same way. :blobcatcoffee:


Isn't this a major democracy issue? Shouldn't they at least have a staffer whose job it is to go through the spam folder and fish out the non-spam email?

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