Majority of the European Parliament welcomes the Commission's intention to oblige e-mail, messaging and chat providers to search all private messages for allegedly illegal material and report to the police () by 580:76:37.

will mean privatised and the end of digital . It is not only inefficient but counter-productive, dangerous and causes severe collateral damage, including to children:

@echo_pbreyer And #5 is not to ignore reality: already since some time millions of users of GMX / do only have the option of not using the great new "intelligent inbox" feature. The new AGB requires agreement to content evaluation / metadata generation. Best choice is maybe to leave these services.

@echo_pbreyer Your page refers to encrypted messages; is that actually from something the EU has written or your own deduction? I.e., have they actually addressed the issue or are they still too clueless to realise that messaging providers aren't necessarily in control of the client software?

@echo_pbreyer Thanks. Must admit I gave up in exasperation at page 18. They really have absolutely no clue whatsoever, have they?


Ok, so, who has experienced that a written sentence or emoji in a text message was misunderstood by friend or family, needing more messages to explain the intended meaning? 🙋

Surely, automated scanning and people you never met will understand all tests correctly, will they? Or is there any possibility that a text snippet could fall out of context? Could that ever happen to.. say.. someone having given an interview? -> politicians?

Thanks for pushing back, Patrick and Greens/EFA

@miklo @echo_pbreyer

That is a brilliant idea 😂 It should be made mandatory for e.g. official government accounts, so that individuals don't run into problems from using it. "Officials" would have better chance to request disacknowledgement of algorithmically generated negative scores

@echo_pbreyer do you have list with personal voting result ? I can't believe in what i see...

@petros @echo_pbreyer Hosting as much as possible on own servers or in neutral countries. Especially services where private messaging does matter (social group oriented: friendica, hubzilla, zap...)

@echo_pbreyer do you have a link? I cannot seem to find this anywhere...

Thanks but, sorry, I meant a link to the results of the vote: I cannot find it the EU parliament page

@echo_pbreyer I can't believe this. Whatever happened to privacy as a basic human right? Whatever happened to the secrecy of correspondence? Why are European representatives suddenly so sure that citizens can't be trusted to have private conversations?

@echo_pbreyer problem is we have allowed "private" companies to harvest our data for years and probably should have seen this coming. Now we have to rely on those same companies who clearly don't have our best interests at heart to push back against this.

@paoloredaelli It violates this fundamental right and will eventually be annulled in court, but it can take years during which the legislation is in place.

Thank you for the information. When did the EU Parliament vote on this matter?

@echo_pbreyer wait are we doing the “won’t somebody please think of the children” thing again :blobcatderpy:

@xerz @echo_pbreyer in order to protect children from hackers we must prevent them from having tools that protect their data from snooping.

Sadly E2E in emails do not cover metadata AFAIK (sender and recipient especially) and those are almost always more than enough to those having evil deeds 😥

Op momenten als deze twijfel ik aan het Europees Parlement. Man, man, man.

@echo_pbreyer Do you have a link for the vote? Or more info on when the vote happened? I am in contact with my MP

@echo_pbreyer That's crazy. Maybe yall need to vote in some different people next time.

@echo_pbreyer @openscience clearly the problem here is multi-fold - but at the outset “legal or illegal’’ is like the direction of smoke in the wind. aside from that, suppose tens of millions are guilty, what then, incarcerate the entire country? or half of it? if this happened in the united states, nearly the whole of the country would be in jail, imho. now to follow the tag, because this is alarming.

@echo_pbreyer Majority of European Parliament welcomes forcing chat app providers out of Europe.

@echo_pbreyer F*** that. Next thing they will oblige people to record their affairs in the bedroom, to make sure it was all consensual. Where will this stop?

Of course with freedom you will have the dark side of this - truly illegal activities. But those activities will always find a way to happen. To use this as an excuse to clamp down on our rights and freedoms is indeed tyrannical.

It just means more of us will run our own private servers and the advent of more mature P2P communication

This required level of moderation will probably be hurting platforms like Mastodon, no?

@echo_pbreyer @FroehlichMarcel More likely yes, I would say, since small servers' admins don't have the means to implement thatlevel of moderation and, thus, they could be closed by goverments if laws get strict.

@echo_pbreyer I wonder how they think this is supposed to work. How are ETEE mail providers going to inspect the contents of the messages? What if a user sends encrypted mail with S/MIME? Are ETEE messaging services outlawed? How are providers supposed to comply in this cases?

@pablo_escobar With scanning is voluntary, but with .0 follow-up legislation it will be mandatory. Communications services that offer encryption clients may be forced to implement client-side scanning backdoors. Clients encrypting communications with external software won't be covered.

Does this also apply to a private person that runs a fediverse server (Mastodon, Hubzilla, ZAP, Friendica...)?
@einer @echo_pbreyer When I look at the level of abstraction in the presented papers, it seems they creators do not understand at all the complexity of the problem or such nuances as encryption or self-hosting

@einer So far applies to communications services. Fediverse servers don't qualify. But the follow-up legislation .0 is supposed to apply to social networks as well. Details yet to be announced.

Cool so mandatory it will be for the enterprises since they are their own mail providers generally speaking.

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