🇩🇪Schlechte Nachrichten: Keine Abstimmung im Plenum mehr über , die Verordnung "gilt als gebilligt".
Konsequenz: künftig auch in D binnen einer Stunde, ohne richterliche Anordnung. Das widerspricht Bürgerwillen und Grundrechten!
Infos: patrick-breyer.de/beitraege/te


🇬🇧Bad news: No more plenary vote on , regulation is "deemed approved".

This means: in the future anywhere in the world within one hour, without judicial order. This contradicts citizens' will and fundamental rights!

Watch my speech: peertube.european-pirates.eu/v

The European Parliament's LIBE Committee voted in favour of the regulation. It will come into effect 12 months from now.

Read more about here: patrick-breyer.de/en/posts/ter

@echo_pbreyer BTW it have to be incorporated to each EU country national law, because someone (named governement agency ?) have to force such a law.
@echo_pbreyer Why "anywhere in the world" ? What about f.e. server outside EU law jurisdiction ?

@echo_pbreyer And to those Members of the Parliament who pretend to defend the interests of the People, but are part of it and let that shit happen + communicated like if there will be a vote (when they could have at least try to put amendments/motion of rejection on the text) and now try to appear like the victims/heroes of the situation...

I wonder what "terrorist content" i can think of about them.


@jz Dear Jérémie, accusing us of "letting that shit happen" really goes too far. We have fought this in the negotiations for months and years, have opposed the outcome when voted in LIBE but lost 52:14 votes, same would have happened in the plenary. Pick the right target for your ire please and let's challenge this in court.

@echo_pbreyer Sorry if it hurts, but "letting that shit happen" seems an accurate description of the situation:

* Did you yes or no had options to try to make it a plenary vote, like requesting plenary amendements with a parliamentary group or 10% of MEPs?

* Did you have a possibilty, in same conditions, to table a rejection motion?

Why none of this happened?

The target i pick is an incompetent Parliament, pretext of "democracy" to that shitfuckery decided between states+Industry.


@jz You can rightly criticise us for failing to request a final vote, but not for itself. The "shit" would have happened anyway, even with a final vote, since only two groups oppose .

@echo_pbreyer @jz Probably, but we'll never know who opposes what, because there's no roll-call vote.

@nemobis @echo_pbreyer

The leader-of-the-free-world (lol) was caught sleeping on the job...

But he may convince the world that he was just closing his eyes to better think about the strategy!

#Terreg #EU #fraud


I see! How obvious!

The plane crashed, you were sleeping in the cockpit, but hey.... that was a pleasant flight overall, no?

@jz Once again: A plane crashing BECAUSE the pilot was sleeping is different from a ruthless majority passing a law no matter what.
Let's have a call some time, ok?

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