🇩🇪Schlechte Nachrichten: Keine Abstimmung im Plenum mehr über , die Verordnung "gilt als gebilligt".
Konsequenz: künftig auch in D binnen einer Stunde, ohne richterliche Anordnung. Das widerspricht Bürgerwillen und Grundrechten!
Infos: patrick-breyer.de/beitraege/te

🇬🇧Bad news: No more plenary vote on , regulation is "deemed approved".

This means: in the future anywhere in the world within one hour, without judicial order. This contradicts citizens' will and fundamental rights!

Watch my speech: peertube.european-pirates.eu/v


The European Parliament's LIBE Committee voted in favour of the regulation. It will come into effect 12 months from now.

Read more about here: patrick-breyer.de/en/posts/ter

@echo_pbreyer BTW it have to be incorporated to each EU country national law, because someone (named governement agency ?) have to force such a law.
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