🇩🇪Mich überrascht immer wieder, wie viele von mir geschätzte Menschen noch GMail benutzen - und GMail's fehleranfällige wird im Artikel noch nicht einmal erwähnt. theguardian.com/technology/202
Welche datenschutzfreundlichen E-Mail-Anbieter nutzt ihr?


🇬🇧Astonishing how many people I value still use GMail - and GMail's error-prone isn't even mentioned in the article: theguardian.com/technology/202

Which privacy-friendly email providers do you use?

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@Patrick Breyer I have a friend hosting most of my email on a server I have access to (and have touched.) Also use runbox.com for some of my email.

@echo_pbreyer I'm British but use Posteo from Germany and a UK provider called Mythic Beasts (mythic-beasts.com)

@echo_pbreyer protonmail + mail accounts from my domain/web hoster - Gmail is popular because it is bundled with Android.

@echo_pbreyer I am my own provider by running Mailcow-dockerized and use a backup mailbox at Mailbox.org

This may not be the solution for most people, but I've hosted my own e-mail since almost 20 years now.
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