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The world needs to end biometric surveillance💥

We’re joining a global call w/ @AmnestyTech@twitter.com @internetfreedom@twitter.com @idec@twitter.com @edri@twitter.com @hrw@twitter.com & 170+ human rights advocates to ban this harmful tech that fuels discrimination & violates civil liberties.


🇩🇪 Europa muss jetzt handeln! Über 170 Organisationen fordern ein weltweites Verbot grundrechtswidriger biometrischer Massenüberwachung.

Unterschreibt die Bürgerinitiative @ReclaimYourFace@twitter.com, damit die Kommission handelt: reclaimyourface.eu/de



@ReclaimYourFace@twitter.com 🇬🇧 Europe needs to act now! More than 170 organisations call for a global ban of biometric mass surveillance technologies.

Sign the @ReclaimYourFace@twitter.com Citizens’ Initiative now and call on the @EU_Commission@twitter.com to act: reclaimyourface.eu


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