🇩🇪 Das EU-Parlament hat die COVID-Zertifikate auf den Weg gebracht, die die Reisefreiheit in der EU wiederherstellen sollen. Auch dank werden die Zertifikate datenschutzfreundlich sein.

Mehr dazu: patrick-breyer.de/piraten-eu-p

🇬🇧 The EU Parliament approved the COVID certificates to restore freedom of travel in the EU. Thanks i.e. to the certificates will be privacy-friendly.

Read on: patrick-breyer.de/en/eu-parlia


The ability to continue using one's yellow vaccination card is welcome, but what does “decentralised registration” mean exactly?

If it's my GP having a record of my visit in his personal files, that's fine. If it involves sending the records to anyone else, that's not acceptable at all and just as much of a failure as a centralised system.


@0 EU scheme doesn't require sending the record (but Member States can mandate it). GP could certify without sending medical data.

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