🇩🇪Frage wegen : Kennt ihr Software, um Bürger:innen ein Formular bereitzustellen, mit dem sie ihre Abgeordneten per E-Mail anschreiben können? Idealerweise mit Auswahlmöglichkeit der Empfänger.


🇬🇧Question regarding the campaign: Do you know any tool for providing a form to citizens for emailing their Members of Parliament? Ideally giving a choice of recipients?

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Are we talking about people forwarding a pre-made text or people composing their own emails?

For the first option, any spam^Wemail marketing tool will do, for the second, each parliamentarians work address is listed in the #Europarl website (e.g., europarl.europa.eu/meps/en/197)

But the real question is: are those addresses actually monitored? I don't think I've ever known anyone who got a reply via that channel. I have had more success contacting MEP staff directly.

@0 It's the second. I'd like to allow citizens to send an individual message to several MEPs without needing to compose e-mails themselves.


I don't know anything off the shelf I'm afraid.

The backend is dead simple and the frontend just needs a capable designer. The tricky bit are the privacy / confidentiality aspects: whoever runs the site can potentially access all communications which could obviously give them an advantage if they are not politically neutral. Also, submissions would need to be necessarily more pseudonymous than via direct email or you'd need to verify the reply-to address to prevent abuse.


Nothing insurmountable but the #security aspects would need a bit of thought.


One possible option (just guessing your requirements) could be to get #Europarl's IT services to create a number of preset aliases / lists (such as: committee members, areas of activity, …) and then just provide the mailto: URLs to the public.

Not super flexible but it builds up on the existing infrastructure without creating significant additional security concerns.


And a last option: have Mohammed come to the mountain, aka surgeries.

I believe at one point the #Czech pirate MPs used to announce meet ups at local pubs across the country. Anyone was welcome to join them and discuss their issues over a beer or two.

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