🇩🇪 Gestern hat das EU-Parlament die abgenickt: ein schwarzer Tag für alle, die auf unbefangene und vertrauliche Kommunikation und Beratung angewiesen sind wie Missbrauchsopfer und Presseinformanten. So haben Deutschlands Abgeordnete gestimmt:


🇬🇧 Yesterday, the regulation on was adopted by the EU Parliament: a sad day for all those who rely on free and confidential communications and advice, including abuse victims and press sources. This is how the Parliament’s groups voted:

@echo_pbreyer its a shame. 😕

what is the future of #signal, #matrix, #xmpp, #briar?

what if i use my own matrix server (outside the eu) and only make accounts for my family members?

its a madness... the freedom in eu is dead.

@takoma @echo_pbreyer I don't think you should be able to browse through message contents on Matrix, Signal and Briar, given there should not be any private data unencrypted on the servers


> what is the future of #signal, #matrix, #xmpp, #briar?

Either or:

1. We ignore them and they ignore us.

2. One of us will eventually sue and have that sorry excuse for a law struck down.

I don't know what is it about politicians as a whole that they're always seem to be two generations behind the rest of us.

@takoma @echo_pbreyer well XMPP and Matrix are open protocols so it's still straightforward to smuggle in to the EU.
@takoma @echo_pbreyer No change for these platforms and protocols, right now: This _allows_ service providers to do what they were allowed to do until Dec 2020, namely scan for materials passing through their servers. It doesn't force anybody to do anything on that end (it _does_ have some provisions that should enforce higher quality scanning, but that's a typical lawyer approach: "we simply mandate that you do the impossible, and then it's not our problem anymore.")

The bigger issue is still coming up: the just-enacted regulation is a temporary band-aid (ends 2025) to enable services to continue to do what they did until last year, but there's a follow-up regulation planned to replace this and who knows what that will look like.

@echo_pbreyer what is the difference between "GUE/NGL" and "The Left"?

It is the same group, "The Left group in the European Parliament - GUE/NGL". There is no reason for two chart records.


@echo_pbreyer Ohh, our politicans are bored. If they want no encrypted communication then we host outside the EU.

@echo_pbreyer that looks terrible! Do you have a link where I can read more about it?

@echo_pbreyer Wow, that is really terrible. Will try to do more research and understand the implications.

I am especially worried about backdooring E2Ee chats. I will... just stop using these services, which is definitely undesirable

@meowski @echo_pbreyer last i heard it explained they want keyword filters installed CCP style so if you say bad things it sends the chat to the government, yeah.
@meowski @echo_pbreyer i dunno how bad its going to be or what measures they still have to get out of it. isn't there still some ability for member states to just not implement the law?

Fwiw, the black rectangle in the GUE/NGL (the Left group) is because of the Greek "left" MEPs.

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