🇩🇪 Von Facebook abmelden und über Mastodon mit seinen Freunden in Kontakt bleiben? Das Zauberwort lautet: verpflichtende . Leider keine Mehrheit für im heute im LIBE-Ausschuss. So haben die deutschen Abgeordneten abgestimmt:

🇬🇧 Quit Facebook or Twitter and stay in touch with your friends via Diaspora or Mastodon? Mandatory would give you a truly free choice of provider. Unfortunately, no majority for in the in LIBE Committee today:

@echo_pbreyer Mandatory interoperability also benefits larger platform providers because they have the resources to do what Google is doing with web standards: move faster than anyone else, thereby forcing everyone else to adopt their decisions.

I'm not very much in favour of this choice.

We still see the number of services connected to the fediverse growing, slowly but steadily :) So even when interoperability is not in a law yet, we can go on to show people how incredibly useful it is. My main fediverse experience is interacting with mastodon accounts, but I hope that I will see more and more other services popping up in my timeline!

@echo_pbreyer The Internet can cross national borders to connect people around the globe. But, as soon as we achieved that (somewhat and against still raging disruption by some states), companies set up their own little fiefdoms and borders to attract, lock-in and milk people, disrupting global communication once more.

Can you imagine what future generations or other civilizations might judge when they read the history of technology of humankind? (Well, there are other concerns too.)

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