🇩🇪 Mit dem EU-Angriff auf Bargeld und virtuelles Bargeld droht schleichende finanzielle Entmün-digung. Die EU-Kommission will Barzahlungen über 10.000 Euro und anonyme Bezahlung mit "virtuellem Bargeld" (Kryptowährungen) verbieten.

Mein Kommentar: patrick-breyer.de/piraten-euro


🇬🇧 EU attack on cash and virtual cash results in financial paternalism. The EU Commission wants to ban cash payments above 10,000 Euros and anonymous payments in cryptocurrencies.

Read my comment: patrick-breyer.de/en/pirate-me

@echo_pbreyer Yes, indeed. Plus: cash and crypto are real money, but money on a bank account is only a number representing a sort of loan from you to them.

There was already an answer:


The Status "Answer in writing" was misleading.

Reading the second half of the statement let me think they do not understand what #gnutaler is, because they think it is a crypto currency, but it is not.

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