🇬🇧 The EU Commission could break securely encrypted communications with the upcoming .0 proposal. If all messaging providers were forced to search private messages, this would require backdoors and undermine security! (1/7)

Attacks on are brought forward by governments time and again. Most recently here, in a November Council resolution:

The idea: access to encrypted messages only "for the good guys/law enforcement authorities"

A fallacy.. (2/7)

..because either works for all of us, or it works for no one at all. Once broken, and be it with best intentions, backdoors in encrypted communications are accessible to anyone who wants to use them – including criminal hackers (3/7)

Cybersecurity expert and crypto legend Bruce Schneier @schneierblog puts it this way: "Either everyone gets to spy, or nobody gets to spy. Your phone doesn't know 'good guy/bad guy'" (4/7)

Those who want to break also harm the economy: national security, economic and financial secrets rely on secure communications channels. on what breaking encryption means to the economy: (5/7)

At the same time, removing and circumventing secure destroys our right to privacy. And anyone who gives up this right also gives up all the freedoms relying on this right, says privacy activist
: (6/7)

We must not allow .0 and other schemes by the Commission and national governments to drive securely encrypted communications into illegality! Read on: (7/7)

@echo_pbreyer Right, let's try to put a backdoor in e.g. . They're so clueless.

Couldn't agree more, but calling it a backdoor is misleading and makes it feel less harmful. Instead, this is a frontdoor - unlocked. All about framing!

@echo_pbreyer Well, it looks like we will have to use Briar or give up our phones if that law is accepted.

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