🇩🇪Die EU-Komm. missachtet d. Empfehlung d. @WHO@twitter.com & will erlauben, dass für Menschen zurückgehaltene lebensrettende Reserveantibiotika an Tiere verabreicht werden. In d. Massentierhaltung entwickelte Resistenzen machen sie wirkungslos. Wir stimmten vergeblich für ein Veto.


@WHO@twitter.com 🇬🇧 EU Commission does not follow @WHO@twitter.com recommendations & wants to allow life-saving reserve antibiotics to be given to animals. Their use in factory farming will result in resistances and may cost lives. We tried without success to veto this.

@echo_pbreyer Saddly we allready used them too much, so there is already resistance for nearly all antibiotics

@echo_pbreyer That question is asked very strangely. Because now voting against the bill, means allowing it, while voting for the bill means being against it.

:blobfoxconfused: That's not well for transparency. (Not the pirates fault, just an observation.)

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