🇩🇪 Redefreiheit im Internet? Der Rechtsausschuss will jedem Mitgliedstaat erlauben, die Löschung von Inhalten anzuordnen, die in einem anderen Mitgliedstaat legal veröffentlicht wurden. Das heißt, könnte auch in Deutschland löschen.


🇬🇧 Freedom of speech on the internet: The Legal Affairs Committee would allow any member state to order the removal of content that has been legally published in another member state. That means could have content deleted in your country.
Voting results:

🇫🇷 Liberté d’expression en ligne : la commission JURI propose de donner aux États membres le droit d’ordonner la suppression des contenus sur internet, même si ceux-ci ont été légalement publiés dans un autre pays. CAD qu’Orban pourrait censurer un article publié en France !

@echo_pbreyer I will just self-host a federated end-to-end encrypted chat solution and review my own messages.

@echo_pbreyer FYI : @theruran @yaaps You see, as there is no cyber-power clearly defined and enforced by an architecture, it's a big mess.

Who can do what on who where during which period of time etc...

As long as we don't have a cyberspace architecture concept that allow to chose the cyber-powers and rights models, cyber-diplomacy will not exist as it could, and it will be a big mess, with no rules, indeed.

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