🇩🇪 : EU will anonyme Websites verbieten. Der LIBE-Ausschuss will Identifizierungspflicht für Domaininhaber inkl. deiner Telefonnummer in der Whois-Datenbank: patrick-breyer.de/cybersicherh


🇬🇧 : EU to ban anonymous websites and “whois privacy” services. The LIBE Committee supports indiscriminatory identification of domain holders incl. your phone number in Whois: patrick-breyer.de/en/cybersecu


Any call to arms that starts with "EU to ban..." should be first scrutinized to the highest degree. ⚠

I have a fresh memory of the flood of corporate disinformation associated with directives such as Codex Alimentarius, ACTA2 and TERREG, which all started with "EU to ban [private home gardens, private websites, whatever]".

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@kravietz @echo_pbreyer @neil yeah, there's always some amount of sensationalism in such claims.

NIS2 is being worked on. It's nowhere near being ready, but the sooner we get involved and help push out bad ideas, the easier it will be. Removing them later in the process is way more difficult.

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Usually if you want to raise attention to a particular legal regulation you’d start with quoting it.

However in the Breyer’s article the alleged ban is only vaguely summarized in literally a few words, and then the rest is a massive quote of what MEP Patrick Breyer thinks about it.

I agree bad ideas need to be pushed back, but I remain unconvinced that there actually is any bad ideas in that draft. Of course I checked the linked NIS2 page… and I wasn’t able to find anything resembling Breyer’s claim, which is not surprising as it contains hundreds of documents.

@kravietz @neil @rysiek Thanks for your suggestion, I amended the blogpost to include the full text.

@kravietz @echo_pbreyer @neil @rysiek

The modern approach to "activism" is to lie loudly, let that lie become the default truth, then handwave the moderate voices who try to point out that the lie is, in fact, such.

C.f. China's "social credit score" for a perfect case of this in operation.

Of course the process is self-defeating. I now automatically assume any loud clarion call is a lie.

@echo_pbreyer My tolerance for randomly generated onion addresses increases.
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