🇩🇪Bist du auch nicht damit einverstanden, dass die EU anonyme/geschützte Domains verbieten und eine Identifizierungspflicht für Domaininhaber einführen will inkl. deiner Telefonnummer?
Hier jetzt Infos dazu, was du vor der Abstimmung noch tun kannst: patrick-breyer.de/cybersicherh


🇬🇧Are you also concerned that the EU wants to ban anonymous/protected domains and introduce an identification obligation for domain owners incl. your phone number?
Here is information on what you can do before the vote: patrick-breyer.de/en/cybersecu

They can force such a law for .eu/national domains but probably not for others TLDs.

@mkljczk @miklo TLDs would have to ensure that the data is collected (by registration services)

It seems to me like this would be hard to enforce. What would stop a provider from saying they are the owner of the domain and still putting in proxy data?

@echo_pbreyer hi Patrick is this mandatory id when registering for a domain, so that a registrar has it? Or is this publicly reviewable data, through domain lookup e.g.?

@ton The data are not to be published, but to be accessible in case of a "legitimate interest". This can easily be constructed. The data might also be hacked. Therefore, the security of activists, threatened and harassed persons, and many more is at risk.

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