🇩🇪Bist du auch nicht damit einverstanden, dass die EU anonyme/geschützte Domains verbieten und eine Identifizierungspflicht für Domaininhaber einführen will inkl. deiner Telefonnummer?
Hier jetzt Infos dazu, was du vor der Abstimmung noch tun kannst: patrick-breyer.de/cybersicherh


🇬🇧Are you also concerned that the EU wants to ban anonymous/protected domains and mandate identification of domain owners incl. your address and phone number?
✊Here is information on what you can do before the vote: patrick-breyer.de/en/cybersecu


EU cancelled, Brussels closed down, everybody can go home.

@echo_pbreyer@chaos.social do they know how much they expose every single one to spam, phishing, etc. by doing that?
I only have my cellphone number and I WON'T put that online ANYWHERE, what the HELL
This is just exposing EVERYONE to high risk just because they dare to own a domain for their own social media (fediverse) instead of using facebook or some shit

@echo_pbreyer for all the push backs against authoritarian it is such a relief to me to know that folks are working to provide a full web3 system that can't be captured and controlled by tech giants or governments. SafeNetwork.tech is ground-breaking in so many ways and after over a decade is coming to fruition, fingers crossed! (PS not a Blockchain, far better capabilities and qualities).

@echo_pbreyer "For the purpose of contributing to the security, stability and resilience of the DNS," the very first not even full sentence is already BS.

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