Did you know that digital tech in Europe weighs more than all humans on Earth?

The digital world is not just virtual. It has physical impacts that harm the environment.

We have launched a study that looks into the environmental impacts of digital tech ➜

🇬🇧 Our new study on the impact of tech on the recommends:

🪛 a , and devices that can easily be fixed

📲 Guaranteed software updates for 5 years to fight

♻️ moving from proprietary systems to interoperable and open ones

🇩🇪Unsere neue Tech-Umweltverträglichkeitsstudie empfiehlt:

🪛 und Geräte, die leicht repariert werden können

📲 Garantierte Software-Updates für 5J. zur Bekämpfung von

♻️ Übergang von proprietären zu interoperablen und offenen Systemen

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