🇩🇪 Jahrelang hat @Europol@twitter.com illegal große Datenmengen gesammelt & gespeichert.

Gestern sagte @EU_EDPS@twitter.com, dass Europol gegen EU-Vorschriften verstoßen hat und ordnete die Löschung nach 6 Monaten an.

Die Lösung der Kommission? Einfach die Regeln ändern...



@Europol@twitter.com @EU_EDPS@twitter.com 🇬🇧 For years, @Europol@twitter.com have been illegally collecting & storing massive amounts of data.

Yesterday, @EU_EDPS@twitter.com said Europol broke EU rules & ordered them to delete the files after 6 months.

The Commission's solution? Simply change the rules.


@echo_pbreyer isn't that what the UK did with their snoopers charter?

@echo_pbreyer retroactively changing rules should be illegal as it violates the trust in due process as well as checks and balances.

IMHO, #EUROPOL should be forced to delete all data not part of an active case after a fixed time period.

@echo_pbreyer ah, too bad, but it seemed too good to be true or to last or that someone could have the teeth to make Europol stop.

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