🇩🇪 : Jede/r sollten frei aussuchen können, welcher Algorithmus die Meldungen in unserer Timeline auswählt und über welche Plattform wir kommunizieren wollen. Wir stellen das nächste Woche zur Abstimmung!



🇬🇧 : Everyone should be free to choose which algorithm selects the messages in our timeline and via which platform we want to communicate. We'll put this to a vote next week!


@echo_pbreyer You can switch to SIgnal or Threema anyway. What does this add?

@Hyolobrika @echo_pbreyer Isn't it useful for centralised platforms such as Facebook and Twitter?

Signal and Threema etc are messengers, not social media platforms with timelines. Although, this algorithm feature could also apply to YouTube etc.

@Hyolobrika After switching to Signal you can stay in touch with your Whatsapp contacts even if they don't switch

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