Do you consume oat drink, soy yoghurt, or other #vegan dairy alternatives?
EU parliament is attempting to ban any terms, marketing, or even appearance of vegan products that are associated to milk or dairy. This includes the terms "yoghurt" style, similar packaging in cartons or yoghurt cups, or even the comparison with milk's climate impact.

While this dairy-lobby-driven amendment is already through parliament, there's a petition to stop it in council.

Some background on this:

Terms like "soy milk" or "almond yoghurt" are already banned, this regulation attempts to erase the thought from consumer's mind that anything else than dairy products can be used for similar purpose.

Consumers are not so dumb to mix up products clearly labelled as vegan plant-based stuff. Given the climate and animal welfare impact of dairy farming, this vile attempt shows dairy producers are not willing to give their customers free choice.

Disclaimer 1: Yes, this campaign is supported by several large-ish vegan food companies. But as this is a battle between industry lobbies I see nothing wrong with this. Notice that "Alpro" is missing – the brand is now owned by the huge dairy company "Danone".

Disclaimer 2: I find the term "censorship" used throughout the campaign a bit overblown. Nevertheless I support the main objective of the petition and just signed it.



@schmittlauch tbh find ich "Zensur" in dem Kontext als viel passender/treffender als an so vielen anderen Stellen wo ich dne Begriff lese. Zensur hat immer eine staatliche Komponente dabei, oder zumindest die einer dominanten Gesellschaftsgruppe. Hier versucht der Staat (bzw. ein supranationales Staatengebilde) selbst objektive Vergleiche von Produkten (laut dem 1. Artikel) zu verbieten. Insofern lässt sich hier IMHO schon dieser Begriff verwenden.

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