Hey everyone! I've been on here for a little while but haven't #introductions myself yet. I'm a developer at thoughtbot.com.

I'll reply to this with a bunch of interesting projects I've worked on, including:

A #webring
#dns book
#processing visualizations
A #screensaver
#supercollider lightning talk
#dwarffortress lightning talk

@edwardloveall really enjoyed your talk on entertaining and educational at the same time. makes me want to play this game some more.

@eggix Hey thanks! Glad you like it. If you want a slightly less insane game to start with RimWorld just hit 1.0 and borrows a lot of the same concepts. It's so fun!


@edwardloveall I checked out a while ago. But it still was in alpha back then and lacked some features. is not doubt overwhelming, but I already have put some hours into it.

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