"Sichere E-Mail für Lehrer: Thüringer Bildungsministerium vertraut mailbox.org" – mailbox.org/de/post/sichere-e-

"Wenn die rund 200.000 Schüler (oder ihre Eltern) in Thüringen zukünftig mit Schule und Lehrern mailen, gehen diese Daten nicht mehr über private E-Mailadressen bei Gmail-, GMX- oder T-Online-Accounts ohne rechtswirksame Datenschutzverpflichtungen. Denn alle 22.000 Thüringer Lehrer bekommen künftig eine offizielle sichere Dienst-Adresse, betrieben von mailbox.org. […]" @fsfe

Ihr kommt aus dem Ruhrgebiet?
Ihr wollt 2020 endlich mal (wieder) zu den "Chemnitzer Linux Tagen"?
Dann schaut euch doch mal die "Freedom Tours" an:



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Nest Saturday is Software Freedom Day. Find the nearest event to you in the wiki or at the map.

#SFD2019 #FLOSS #FreeSoftware

In Berlin we will join the celebration at IN-Berlin / BeLUG.
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"The FCK DRM initiative" – gog.com/news/the_fck_drm_initi

"DRM-free approach in games has been at the heart of GOG.COM from day one. We strongly believe that if you buy a game, it should be yours, and you can play it the way it’s convenient for you, and not how others want you to use it."



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Google Plans to Launch Censored Search Engine in China, Leaked Documents Reveal

Google is planning to launch a censored version of its search engine in China that will blacklist websites and search terms about human rights, democracy, religion, and peaceful protest, The Intercept can reveal.


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Hab das neue Pretty Easy Privacy als User durchgetestet und bin begeistert: Ideal für alle, die verschlüsselte Emails ohne komplizierte Installation wollen. Alle Details: rufposten.de/blog/2018/07/17/p#pep #enigmail #DSGVO

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CfP & registration for the Nextcloud Conference is open. We have a track of talks & workshops Saturday August 25 (keynote by @Linuzifer@twitter.com) and Sunday 26.
Register and join us at TU Berlin to make #Nextcloud awesome.

Bring your laptop!


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Still looking for that alternative? by @grote just had a major rewrite and features a new design. The new version 2.0.0 is currently available via custom repo and Play Store but the official F-Droid repo should follow suit soon.


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RT @richard_klose@twitter.com
I wanted a browser independent solution for @Nextclouders@twitter.com Bookmarks so I created github.com/richardklose/nextcl

🔖 Access your Nextcloud Bookmarks from the menu bar.
🌍 Opens your default browser, so it still works when you switch.
👨‍💻 My first Swift project. Still some work to do.

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Mastodon is an open source decentralised alternative to Twitter! I've made a Mapstodon #OpenStreetMap instance!

"However, for security critical software, just being Free Software is not enough. It is very easy to install a backdoor before compiling the source code into a binary file. This backdoor would of course not be part of the published source code, but it would be part of the file that gets released to the public."

So if you didn't have Free Software at all, you wouldn't have the problem of "software not being reproducible".
No source code, no worries.

"Deutsche Telekom wird Platin-Mitglied der Linux Foundation" – pro-linux.de/news/1/26109/deut

"Die Linux Foundation begrüßt die Deutsche Telekom als neues Platin-Mitglied der Stiftung. Das Engagement des Telekommunikations-Unternehmens gilt den Unterprojekten »Linux Foundation Networking« (LFN) und »Open Network Automation Platform« (ONAP)."


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