I started sending #patches via #email to projects on #github ... because I can and I don't want to use that nasty UI anymore and shitty "pull request workflow" but still contribute to projects like #nixpkgs or projects in the #rust universe.

Still waiting for someone to complain so I can start ranting, though... 😄

@musicmatze We need a github exit strategy working group for Nixpkgs.

@ehmry I'd love to have that. I'd prefer to have the whole thing self-hosted, but for that we would actually need a mailinglist, not that abomination of evil that is discourd...


@musicmatze We might not need a traditional mailing list, maybe a mailbot that analyzes patches to determine who the maintainers are and forwards appropriately. Spam would be a problem, but we could solve that by rolling our own submission utilities.

@ehmry we wouldn't even need a mailinglist at all, because sending patches to authors works good enough. That's what I started doing.

We would still need a publicly-visible git hosting. gitolite+cgit work good enough, are small and even cheap servers can handle a decent load. We also would need teams with responsibilities cleared beforehand.

But that all won't happen because "github works well enough for us"...

@musicmatze > But that all won't happen because "github works well enough for us"...

I disagree, I think there are a fair amount of committers that want out and enough of the others will follow if there is a compelling alternative.

Anyway, I could probably write a script within the nixpkgs repo that would extract maintainers for a commit and invoke git-send-email for them automatically.

@ehmry just to be clear: I quoted that because that is the response I got every time I started to talk about that topic.

I want out (at least for nixpkgs) as well!

And yeah, that script would be

git log --format="%an <%ae>" -- $file | sort -u | sed 's,^,--to=",; s,$," ,'

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