recommendations apple pencil like stylus anyone? 

Every time I am at work, the Apple Pencil is sure to run out of battery... I had ordered the Logitech Crayon, but I was very dissatisfied with the handling and will buy a second Apple Pencil.... unless one of you can recommend a No Name Stylus? I use it mainly for writing. Recommendations welcome!

question about cultural appropriation 

I want to ask you all, if you consider wearing this piercing jewellery as a white person as cultural appropriation. I have it at home, and would use it, just if it would be ok of course. Thanks in advance.

Tatort, what happened at the end?! 

Have someone watches the today and can tell me what happened ein the last 5 minutes? Our stream at the camping site crashed and I can’t rewatch it because of geoblocking

If you need resources or places to donate, here is a link with all the info

I just spontaneously booked an appointment at the Apple Store to change the battery of my iPhone and I am really excited how easy and fast it was to get the appointment.

I’m excited and hope they change the battery during my stay there, so that I can’t take it with me again.

The iPhone is just a year in use and my batterie is really weak.... so I’m happy to use my phone longer and have a good batterie life again!

Someone using a vaporizer and have recommendations? Boosts welcome! Thank you!

If you don’t know how long you should wash your hands, here is some@help for you!

dog, bladder stones, prophylactic 

I just spent two hours researching bladder stones and their prophylaxis. My dog had some and our vet said, no diet food because then she is only allowed to eat that... and she tolerates surgery well, so just cut it out next time. Mit my opinion. By means of pH-value monitoring, acidification of the urine and increasing the amount of drinking, the problem should be manageable...

And if you’re into yoga, the app Down Dog you can use for free or if you subscribe today for 20 dollars/year!

work ~ wine 

Im at Home from my last shift this year, what means absolutely nothing cause I gotta go to work tomorrow afternoon. But I already had a glass of wine 🍷

Yesterday I made whipped sheabutter and I really love the consistency now. It contains a lot of other good stuff I added and stays fluffy and whipped and you need only a small amount. I use it for face, hands, feet and body (if I ever use cream on the rest of my body).

Looks like today are more people on holidays than need to work, because the trains and subways are really empty.

At work since 9 am and done nothing really yet, now we start with the day here.

How I always forget to turn on the visible for all ppl option....

What the.... the year 1970 wants its article back....

Here it is! Finally holding this beauty in my hands and I’m very excited to use it regularly

Food (+) 

I made some really delicious vegan food for our Christmas dinner: Roulade with red cabbage and dumplings. It took a while, but was really worth it.

Und ich weiß nicht warum, aber es regt mich gerade richtig auf. In Wien gibt es sehr viele antifaschistische Veranstaltungen die ebenfalls nur über Facebook mitteilen und ich persönlich benutze Facebook seit ich mit dem Studium fertig bin nicht mehr. Ich finde es super wenn es noch eine andere Möglichkeit geben würde um Informationen ans breite Publikum zu bringen außer über Facebook.

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Ich kann verstehen warum Veranstalter und Veranstaltungen Facebook als Plattform nutzen, finde dieses Vorgehen aber extrem exklusiv wenn es keine andere Quelle gibt um sich über die Veranstaltung informieren zu können.

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Ich bin gerade unterwegs nach Wien und höre Radio im Auto. Auf FM4, dem Radiosender den ich immer höre, wird eine Veranstaltung promotet, zu der man aber Informationen nur auf Facebook findet.

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